How to prepare

1-2 days before make sure you shave everything you normally do! Try to do this in advanced to avoid razor burn in sensitive areas.

Don't spray tan unless this is something you have done in the past and know how it looks on your skin. I get it, you want a nice glow but it's not going to be the same glow that you'd get from the Bahamas's.

Do spend time trying on things that make you comfortable and that compliment your body type (if you need help with this, please let me know)! 

Boudoir isn't just about lingerie, its about being you. If that is a big sweatshirt and comfy socks, rock it!

Bring multiple outfits, one day we might feel awesome in something and the next maybe not so much. Options are never a bad idea!

The day of

Wear loose fitting clothing to your shoot. Especially if you are getting makeup done. An old baggy t-shirt, tank top, a flannel, or anything that can easily be removed!

Don't cake on the deodorant! I know how nerves can be an you'll want to put extra on, but don't! You don't want white deodorant balls in your pictures, plus you can't smell a picture anyway ;).

Do drink plenty of fluids! While alcohol is provided, please don't down it to release your nerves! It will make your beautiful soft skin look like a potato chip. Take some ibuprofen, you'll need it! It's all about the back arch to make your booty pop! 

Soak in the tub as long as you need to. Remind yourself that you are beautiful, worthy, and there is nothing to be nervous about! You are going to look back on this day and want to relive it a million times!

What to expect

We always provide food and drinks. We take into special consideration people's food choices when making our selections.

You will begin with getting your hair and make up done by our on-site artist, if you choose to have those services performed.

Following hair and make up, we will begin the magic! You will have roughly 60 minutes of photography time. During this time I will capture the most authentic you.

You will definitely forget your right hand from your left. It's okay! It happens to literally everyone! We will walk you through poses and probably make you smile. I most definitely make you "shake it off" when you walk into the Boudoir room. :)


After your session, please feel free to hang around and chat and make some new friends!

Your photos will be delivered within a minimum of six weeks. If there is a special request to get them sooner let us know!

The images are delivered through an online gallery which are available to download for thirty days and are password protected.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns, before or after your session!

It is our goal to make you look how you are most comfortable. We do have a make up artist & hair stylist on site. We suggest to come with fresh clean, blow-dried only hair when coming to your session & to wash your face before coming & to apply any moisturizer or skin care products that are apart of your daily routine. We also suggest bringing your own foundation/powder so it is unique to you and decreases the chances of skin irritations! Tell me: any special request for hair or make up?

Is there anything else I should know to prepare for your special day? Do you have a specific vision for your shoot? Must have shots? Specific song that makes you wanna jam out? Questions for me?

Do you have any allergies we need to know about? Our typical go-to food options are Charcuterie boards with meat, cheese, crackers, nuts. We also do a board with chocolate and fruit!